Choose Wisely and Take Responsibility
Selecting a Doctor

Your health is important, so choosing a doctor and a evaluating a particular healthcare plan is a first step in making sure you'll get the healthcare you deserve. Many medical professionals suggest "interviewing" a doctor before seeing them (be sure to check if the doctor charges an office visit fee for an interview.) It's an opportunity to see if the facility is clean and pleasant and you'll be able to determine if the doctor treats you cordially.

Here are some questions to keep in mind when selecting a doctor:

  • What are your credentials and areas of special training?
  • Do you support second opinions?
  • May I call and speak to you or your staff if I have a question?
  • Are studies done on my records without my permission?
  • How much time do you generally provide for my appointment to see you?
  • Do you consider my time as valuable as your own?
  • Do you inform me of results (normal or abnormal) with a phone call, in writing, or by making a follow-up appointment?
  • Will you treat my health problems in the same manner you would treat yourself or family members?
  • Will you explain my health problems so I can understand?
  • Will you inform me of and refer me for medically necessary tests and treatments that are not in conformance with the medical practice guidance provided by my HMO/PPO, your medical group or physician management company?
  • If my HMO, your medical group, or your management company deny diagnosis and necessary treatment that you recommend, you will assist me in appealing their decisions?
  • Will your staff try to make appointments as convenient as possible, and if necessary can after hour appointments be scheduled?
  • Will you or your staff follow-up to check on my health condition during or after an illness or surgery?
  • Do you have a published fee schedule if I pay cash?